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Collaborative Relationships

At Infiana, we believe the best innovation comes from building partnerships with our customers that harness the collective experience and expertise of both our organizations. We build collaborative relationships dedicated to understanding our partners' needs and delivering market defining success.


Our production plants in Europe, the Americas and Asia provide worldwide manufacturing and support. We combine our global expertise and local experience in every market to proactively develop high quality film solutions, and manufacture our products with the highest efficiency to deliver the best film solutions for our clients.


We produce engineered and innovative films with multiple options for converting, covering a broad range of markets and applications. We specialize in manufacturing high quality films for industries like building & construction, personal care, health care, pressure sensitive markets, and composites, as well as a variety of special applications.

Infiana‘s technical excellence and dedicated R&D resources are focused through our Collaborate + Innovate program to help you achieve your next product innovation.

Peter K. Wahsner, Chief Executive Officer, Infiana Group

13 November 2017

Infiana Ranks 4th Among German SMEs

Infiana Ranks 4th Among German SMEs

In an Innovation Ranking compiled by the Munich Strategy Group for WirtschaftsWoche Magazine, the Forchheim-based film producer ranked fourth among 3,500 businesses.

30 October 2017

Infiana Establishes Asian Sales Org

Infiana Establishes Asian Sales Org

The tip of a new spear on the front lines of Infiana’s global sales organization: Kim Meng Ng will lead the company’s Asian sales team.

16 August 2017

Infiana Operates Energy-Efficiently

Infiana Operates Energy-Efficiently

By 2020, Infiana wants to reduce energy consumption by 10% compared to its 2012 usage. Progress towards this goal has now been confirmed by an energy potential analysis.

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