Corporate Compliance

The Infiana Group (‘INFIANA’) maintains a reputation for high performance and quality in order to strengthen the trust placed in the Group by its employees, shareholders, business partners and any other interested party (hereafter the ‘Interested Party’). Integrity and conformity with company guidelines and the law in general are therefore of the highest priority at INFIANA.

In order to safeguard the integrity of our business and avert potentially damaging situations, INFIANA places a high priority on identifying compliance violations. Since INFIANA values an open company culture, every Interested Party who is aware of compliance risks is encouraged to confide the situation to an appropriate contact within the company, such as a supervisor, the human resources department, or INFIANA’s compliance officer.

In addition, INFIANA offers the Interested Party a secure whistleblower portal, a web-based hotline for providing information on possible compliance violations. This allows such information to be shared in a safe, confidential manner at any time and from anywhere in the world. Submitted tip-offs are forwarded to the Compliance Department of INFIANA Germany, which confidentially processes any report received.

Our hotline serves to identify and avoid major risks for the company. For this reason, only notifications referring to severe compliance violations are accepted and processed here, particularly those involving criminal business activity (e.g. acts of corruption), antitrust violations, and data protection breaches. 

Accusations against a person can result in serious consequences for them. The whistleblower portal should therefore be used responsibly. Reporters are requested only to share information that they are convinced is accurate, acting in good faith and to the best of their knowledge. Knowingly submitting false information can result in prosecution under criminal and labor laws.

In the interests of improved readability, the text on this portal uses only masculine pronouns, where applicable. Please understand that no discrimination is intended by this in any way.

Only by working together can we keep our business safe and successful. So if you see something: speak up!

Infiana's Code of Conduct

Infiana's Code of Conduct

We will always comply with all laws, rules, and regulations, with NO exception. All employees must obey all laws in letter and in spirit in the conduct of our business.


Our Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-Corruption and Fair Trade Policy

Because Infiana does business internationally, Infiana and its business partners have to comply with national and international laws and conventions.  


Whistleblower Portal

Our web-based hotline allows information on potential compliance violations to be shared in a safe, confidential manner at any time, anywhere in the world.


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