Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

We will always comply with all laws, rules, and regulations, with NO exception.

All employees must obey all laws in letter and in spirit in the conduct of our business. You are not expected to know the details of the laws in all the locations in which we conduct business. However, you are responsible for knowing and understanding the company’s standards which meet and in some cases, exceed legal standards. You are required to follow our procedures, policies, and production standards, all of which are legally compliant and will keep us as a company moving down the right path.

We will observe strict standards for safety, and observe employment practices which are not only legally necessary, but morally required.

We are conscientious in helping to ensure all employees are properly paid for all time worked, and are treated fairly and consistently. 

We will not do business with any third parties who violate the law as course of business. We will not have as vendors, any company that will not strictly observe standards relating to child labor, the prevention of forced labor, or other forms of worker abuse.


Private interests may never interfere with the company's interests.

A conflict of interest exists when your private interests can interfere with the objective performance of your responsibilities to our company. You should not have business or personal interests which conflict with the company. Any relationship by which you or members of your family stand to gain at the expense of the company is a conflict of interest.

It always will be a conflict of interest for you to work for a competitor while employed by the company. It also is a conflict for you to accept anything of significant value from a third party that wants to or does do business with us. Significant value means something which is more than nominal. If you think something has significant value, it probably does; if you are not sure something has significant value, it probably does; and if you have any questions, you should ask your supervisor.

You also need to be careful about our confidential and proprietary information. It should never be shared with third parties who have no reason to know the information.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should never take for yourself a financial opportunity which properly belongs to the company.


We will treat everyone fairly.

Our culture is one of professionalism and mutual respect. This means we will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, age, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, disability, or other protected characteristic. We also will not permit abusive behavior of any kind, whether or not unlawful, and will strictly adhere to all regulations relating to labor and employment. We seek to give everyone a chance to succeed, regardless of his or her background. We value and appreciate the individual. This standard transcends the employment relationship and pertains to suppliers, vendors, contractors, colleagues, customers, and all third parties.


Competition and dealings in our industry.

We do not need to nor will our company compete unfairly with others. We do not need to steal trade secrets or proprietary information, or accept or give kickbacks or bribes. We do not need to engage in activities which unlawfully restrain trade. We will not tolerate this type of behavior. We are the best in our business because we have high standards in all aspects of our operations. This means no employee should take unfair advantage of anyone through fraud, manipulation, mis-representation of material facts, price-fixing, or any other intentional act of unfair dealing. It is proper to compete hard; it is not proper to violate laws, regulations, or ethics in doing so.


Health and safety.

As a manufacturer, health and safety are of particular importance. Every employee is obligated to help ensure a safe and healthy work place free from hazards and risks by carefully following all safety requirements and immediately reporting anything which appears to pose a safety and/or health risk. This includes issues with facilities, equipment, supplies or personnel, whether co-workers or third parties.


Respect for our environment.

We expect each of our employees to do whatever they can to minimize the impact of operations on the environment. Conservation in supplies which are not biodegradable is one way; recycling whenever possible is another way.

As a company, we also strive to follow operational methods which conserve our natural resources, such as water and energy, and by using “green” materials both in our operations and packaging. We observe strict standards for waste disposal and expect everyone to contribute to this effort.


Accurate accounting and record-keeping.

All of our books and records will be maintained with reasonably detailed information and which fairly present transactions. Our accounting and record-keeping practices conform not only to legal requirements, but to our higher operational standards. All book-keeping and record entries also will conform to US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

No employee is permitted to alter any books or records with the intent of providing false or misleading information for any purpose.



Always remember you are part of the bigger team which is our company. Conduct yourself as a player on a team who is working together for the win. Be a member of the team in all aspects of our business, inside and out. There is no room for selfishness. By conducting yourself in this manner, you will be assured of following the standards of our Code of Conduct.


"It doesn’t feel right"- Compliance and what to do.

Not every situation can be covered by a Code of Conduct. In situations presented to you and with which you do not feel comfortable, or if you believe our Code has been violated, you should have a discussion with your supervisor. If you feel your supervisor is part of the problem, you should contact the Human Resources Director. The Human Resources Director will be able to act as the operations neutral to address any concern you may have through the appropriate channels.

Please note you may report violations of this Code of Conduct at any time without fear of retaliation of any kind. The company will not permit and will protect against any retaliation for reporting violations.

For serious violations, please refer to Infiana’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

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