Packaging Specialty films for food, non-food
and lamination films e.g. for pet food

Consumers are in daily contact with them: Infiana Specialty Films for Packaging fulfill customized functions and requirements for food, non-food and pet food applications.

The packaging industry


  • We offer thermoforming films made from different materials for FFS (Form, Fill & Seal) applications.  The films are also used by the manufacturers of trays and blister packaging.
  • Foods such as sausage, ready meals, cheese, and salad can be packed in a fresh and safe manner by using thermoforming films. Also non-food products, such as tablets, pens, or  detergent tablets can be securely packed in our films.
  • We are specialized in offering customized solutions: If you have special requirements e.g. regarding shelf life, our high barrier films are the solution! You are looking for defined peel- / seal properties? Ask us!
  • Thin films in Packaging are mainly used as lid films or flow packs- printed or unprinted- to secure any type of fresh food.



Complete Sustainable Package Solutions

Bottom & Lid – All from ONE supplier

  • Easy opening function (peel) available for tray or lidding
  • Barrier properties optional
  • Various grades of renewable materials content > 70% for a 50 µm barrier lidding thin film Up to > 80% for a 350 µm barrier tray cast film
  • NEW: Fully biodegradable barrier solutions 

Would you like to learn more about our special films for food, non-food, and pet-food packaging? Just get in touch!


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