Brand Story and experience

The name Infiana combines (in) innovation, inspiration and infinite possibilities and commitment to our customers, combined with the goddess of hunting Diana (iana), demonstrating strength, ambition and sensitivity. Within the name our focus on films is represented (fi), whilst the wider name also represents our future expansion into new markets and product areas. The infinity symbol (circle) is derived from the ouroborous, a snake eating it’s own tail, this symbolizes constant recreation.

The name Infiana and the circle reflect our passion for innovation, our energy, and our commitment to constantly reviewing our practices and exploring new possibilities.

Our brand message

We embrace new ideas and seek innovations to give our customers an advantage. We continuously explore new opportunities through our leading technical expertise, global knowledge and our dedicated human capital. We share our customers´ goals, delivering excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.

Infiana is a provider of ideas, a driving force behind innovation, and an engineered films manufacturer who closely collaborates with its customers to create solutions of the highest quality.

Peter K. Wahsner Chief Executive Officer Infiana Group


Infiana has a long tradition and experience in the development and manufacturing of engineered film solutions.



At Infiana, we are focused on the protection of our environment and on the development of new film solutions supporting sustainable objectives.



Infiana can look back on many years of experience in the development, manufacture, converting and distribution of engineered film solutions for various applications.



Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.