Infiana: Investing for the Future

Investing for the Future

In June 2016, specialty film manufacturer Infiana announced an investment of 20 million € into its operations in Forchheim, Germany and Malvern, Pennsylvania. Goal of this expansion: to build out local manufacturing of tailored, innovative film solutions while addressing customers' specialized needs with expanded production options and cutting-edge equipment.

The most significant portions of this investment plan consist of:

  • New and upgraded film production capabilities, in particular an additional blown film extruder at Infiana's Malvern plant that entered operation in October 2016. Beyond meeting growing global demand for Infiana film solutions, these investments have allowed the company to further diversify production and local product portfolios across all key market segments.
  • State-of-the-art thermal coating equipment, capable of producing thinner, higher-quality film products than previously possible.
  • A new slitter with automated unloading functions -- Infiana's first major investment into robotic technology. The use of automation significantly increases machine output while making work easier for operators.

In November 2017, Infiana unveiled the latest part of its investment package: an HACCP-compliant production hall for hygienic film solutions with additional printing and coating capabilities. The new facility, located at the company's Malvern site, uses a combination of construction, controlled air flow, strict employee hygiene standards, and careful material logistics to eliminate environmental influences and contamination risks.

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