Compliance at Infiana

Corporate Compliance

The globalized world spins ever faster. In this rapidly changing environment, it is more important than ever that we as a company continue to remain true to our corporate culture and intentions by adhering to our compliance guidelines. They represent the DNA of Infiana.

That we treat our customers and employees in a trustworthy and mutually respectful manner goes without saying. Infiana stands for quality products, for solutions developed in collaboration with our clients and perfectly tailored to their respective needs. But we also stand for trust, fairness, and honesty. These are the rules we play by and form the basis of our existence. Authorities also require that we set out and adhere to such rules.

Infiana's values matter to all of us. If you notice actions that go against our corporate culture in the course of your work with colleagues, customers, or vendors, don't hesitate -- contact your supervisors or the Human Resources department.

Additionally, you have the option of reporting compliance violations over our online portal. All tips will be anonymously forwarded to and reviewed by our Compliance team.

Violations of our compliance guidelines (through bribery, intimidation, price-fixing, bodily or psychological violence, etc.) can have serious legal repercussions. It is therefore important that you use our reporting tools in a responsible manner.

We place great value on mindful interactions both inside and outside of Infiana. Creating a positive company culture plays an important role for us, and your help ensures that this will continue to be the case in future.

Compliance affects all of us. Therefore: speak up!

Infiana's Code of Conduct

Infiana's Code of Conduct

We will always comply with all laws, rules, and regulations, with NO exception. All employees must obey all laws in letter and in spirit in the conduct of our business.


Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-Corruption and Fair Trade Policy

Because Infiana does business internationally, Infiana and its business partners have to comply with national and international laws and conventions.  


Whistleblower Portal

Our web-based hotline allows information on potential compliance violations to be shared in a safe, confidential manner at any time, anywhere in the world.


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