Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

1. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Infiana conducts its business responsibly and in accordance with the legal requirements of each country in which we are active as a company. You are not expected to know the details of the laws in all the locations in which we conduct business. However, it is your responsibility to know our corporate standards, which meet and in some cases exceed legal standards.

In our business, we follow these norms and values: we will observe strict standards for safety, and observe employment practices which are not only legally necessary, but morally required. We will not do business with any third parties who violate the law as course of business. We will not have as vendors any company that will not strictly observe standards relating to child labor, the prevention of forced labor, or other forms of worker abuse.


2. Private Interests May Never Interfere with the Company’s Interests

Business decisions should never be influenced by private interests. Every relationship in which you or your family members could benefit at the expense of the business is considered a conflict of interest.

We also speak of conflicts of interest when you simultaneously work for Infiana and a competing business. It also is a conflict for you to accept anything of significant value from a third party that wants to or does do business with us. If you have questions as to where the line is, please speak with your supervisor.

Caution must also be exercised with confidential and proprietary information. Never share internal information if you haven‘t specifically been permitted to do so by your supervisors. Nor should you take for yourself a financial opportunity that rightfully belongs to Infiana.


3. Fair Treatment

Our corporate culture is defined by professionalism and mutual respect. We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of ethnicity, skin color, religion, age, nationality, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, or other protected characteristics. We also will not permit abusive behavior of any kind.

Everyone, regardless of their origin, has the opportunity to be successful at Infiana. We are conscientious in helping to ensure all employees are properly paid for all time worked, and are treated fairly and consistently. We value and respect everyone. This is a standard that goes beyond our employees, encompassing suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, and all third parties. 


4. Competition and Business Relationships

Infiana does not need to engage in unfair competition with others, and will never do so. Such activities will also not be tolerated by us. Stealing trade secrets and proprietary information or accepting bribes is not how we do business. The same holds true for activities that unlawfully restrain trade.

We are the best in our industry because we have high standards in all areas. This means that no employee should obtain unfair advantages over anyone through deceit, manipulation, or other immoral business practices. It is important to give your best when securing business for Infiana, but it is unacceptable for you to breach laws, regulations, or ethics in doing so.


5. Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is important to us, and every employee is obligated to contribute to it. The workplace must be kept free of hazards and risks, safety requirements must be obeyed, and any dangers to health and safety must be reported. This includes issues with facilities, equipment, supplies or personnel, whether co-workers or third parties.


6. Environmental Protection

Infiana places great value on protecting and preserving our planet. The production of our wares and products should not have a negative environmental impact, and we expect each of our employees to do whatever they can to ensure this. We are therefore conscientious and sparing with our resource usage.

We strive to follow operational methods that conserve our natural resources, such as water and energy, and by using “green” materials both in our operations and packaging. We have developed strict standards for waste disposal and expect everyone to contribute to this effort.


7. Transparent Business Practices

Infiana tracks its business activities and financial transactions in a comprehensive and precise fashion. Our bookkeeping and documentation comply with both legal requirements and our own higher internal standards. All bookings and entries are made in accordance with US GAAP (U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

It goes without saying that no employee is allowed tomanipulate books or business documents, or to give incorrect or misleading information.


8. Team.

Always remember that you are part of a large team at Infiana. We are only strong together, and our success is a team achievement. This is important to Infiana, and is reflected in our corporate culture.


9. Social Media.

If you plan to use social media for business communications, please speak with the Marketing and Communications Department beforehand. Such platforms must be used responsibly and in the best interests of Infiana. Under no circumstances should you publish obscene or defamatory contents or confidential information on such platforms. When speaking about work-related activities on your personal social media accounts, it is important to stress that any opinions expressed are your own and do not represent those of Infiana as a whole.


"SPEAK UP!" - Compliance and Proper Behavior

Not every situation can be covered by a Code of Conduct. If a situation is presented to you in which you do not feel comfortable, or if you believe our Code has been violated, please speak up and bring it to our attention.

If you believe that your supervisor may be part of the problem, contact the Human Resources Director. They will act as a neutral party to address any concern you may have through the appropriate channels.

Please note that violations of this Code of Conduct can be reported at any time without fear of retaliation or reprisal.

If you have observed a violation, please submit a report to our Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

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