Films for the Building & Construction Industry:
smooth release, non-slip, heat-resistant, UV-resistant, barrier, 

In the Building & Construction industry particularly hard demands are made on people, materials, machines and also
to films.

The Building & Construction industry

Release liners and strength films are frequently used in the Building & Construction industry globally. The films from Infiana used in construction are exceptionally strong films with very good mechanical properties for heavy-duty outdoor applications. Those films must be especially tear-resistant, slip proof, puncture-resistant, uv-resistant, impermeable to water, or extremely heat-resistant. 

  • Infiana films are characterized by their strength and impermeability to fluids, oils, ice, and other damaging external influences (e.g. radon)
  • Infiana films for the Building & Construction are non-slip and tear-resistant, and provide maximum resistance to puncturing and UV-stability
  • Infiana release liners have consistent release properties even at highly fluctuating temperatures for all required processing  temperature during application

Infiana is your partner to design the product to your requirements being able to modify the properties on your needs (coating temerature hot bitumen, uv-resistance, barrier, release, colors....)

Infiana strength films for roof coverings 

Strength films are provided with various properties to push our customers efforts designing products for the roofing markets:

  • With a smooth surface as an intermediate layer in roof coverings, eg. to prevent the ingress of moisture
  • With a very rough surface and high friction, to ensure, for example, the safety of workers on a Roof in wet weather 
  • Combinations of specific properties (e.g. coloring, barrier function, uv-resistance, tear-resistance, printability,.....)

Siliconized films in the Building & Construction industry

Siliconized films have been successfully used in the Building & Construction industry, for example, with self-adhesive sound dampening and heat insulating materials. Their insensitivity to moisture and temperature deviations and their good diecuttability performance make siliconized films from Infiana an ideal product.

Full service and technical expertise in films for the Building & Construction industry 

As partners for the Building & Construction industry, we can provide you with experts with tremendous competence and experience in this area. They will develop a tailored solution to suit your individual needs – because the Infiana product range comprises a wealth of high-quality and proven solutions for the Building & Construction industry. Or we develop a new and innovative film solution together with you, specially optimized to your requirements. At the Infiana pilot plant, our experts are well acquainted with problems like these. Thus you will receive a full service package from the initial request to the final delivery of the finished films.

Would you like to learn more about films from us for the Building & Construction industry? Just get in touch!

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