Composites Specialty films for prepreg & composites industry

The term “prepregs” refers to reinforcing composite fibers that are pre-impregnated with resin. Prepregs are processed in the aviation industry for light aircraft, for example, or to manufacture rotor blades for wind turbines or leisure equipment.

Every passenger plane comprises a large proportion of prepreg material, and this proportion is increasing with each new generation. Due to its outstanding properties, prepreg material is able to replace aluminum and other metals in many areas and thus reduce the weight of an aircraft and its fuel consumption. 

The Infiana specialty films used here are primarily interleaf films. Our film separate the layers in rolls of sticky prepregs, when winding resin-impregnated carbon or glass fiber.

How you benefit

Infiana's specialty films for prepreg manufacturers have the following properties:

  • Different color coding to distinguish such features as fiber thickness or different resins in use
  • Different embossing designs to control the release forces of the film (peak–valley principle), with only parts of the film surface coming into contact with the resin
  • Different formulations to adapt the release properties individually to your requirements

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