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Our customers regard Infiana as the experienced supplier and development service provider to the Health Care Industry. It is our main objective to supply you with films and know-how which add value to your products and ultimately safeguard patient health around the world.

We are active in many fields of Health Care Industry and will give you a few examples:

  • Quality products and expert solutions for health care applications
  • Broad range of film substrates suitable for your industry
  • Our release films can also be found as process liners in your production processes
  • Films with smooth and stable release properties



Vast experience in wound care

The whole range of wound care products – from consumer plasters to sophisticated wound care and healing systems – is served by Infiana’s carrier films and release liners. No matter how your product is designed and sterilized, within our portfolio you will find reliable and approved films which can easily be processed, accentuate the high-quality appearance of your product, and make handling both effective for the medical team and comfortable for the patient. In our view, this is the only aspect that really matters.

 You want to differeniate? Ask us for Support in design- and material options.

Full understanding of ostomy care

Infiana has many years of experience in providing release films for hydrocolloid adhesives. Through our work with customers and health care professionals in developing siliconized liners for ostomy adhesive plates, we have gained experience in all aspects of ostomy care.

Mechanical properties of the base film and tailor-made release are important aspects. Infiana provides a wide range of film solutions covering your specific demands for smooth and stable release properties. A printable and / or writeable rear side enables additional interesting features for safe and convenient handling of the product.





Infiana film solutions are of the highest product quality and make as well a difference in aesthetically pleasing and high quality look and feel.


In the building and construction industry, particularly hard demands are made on people, materials, machines and also films.


Pressure Sensitives

The variety of technical applications served by Infiana films is almost boundless - we deliver customized solutions.


Other Industries

Infiana offers a wide variety of engineered and customized film solutions for applications like process liners, inmold labeling, drainage pipe refurbishment and more.


Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.