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Infiana offers a wide variety of engineered and customized film solutions for applications like process liners, inmold labeling, drainage pipe refurbishment and further more.

Siliconized special films in the automotive industry

High elasticity, good dimensional stability, good diecuttability, and a high degree of tear resistance enable siliconized films from Infiana to be used in various applications in automotive manufacture.

Key for the automotive industry is the outstanding curing of the silicone surface. Silicone films are used in the automotive and automotive supply industry in many areas, e.g. with ...

  • Insulating or decorative materials 
  • Tachographs & tachometers
  • Foamed PE
  • Foamed PU
  • Door film 
  • Felt and non-woven fabrics and for floor coverings and foot mats



Special films in drainage pipe refurbishment

In the refurbishment of waste water systems, the use of special films is a very cost-effective alternative. Instead of the effort and expense of replacing drainage pipes either partially or completely, these can be repaired and sealed with the aid of resin-impregnated glass-fiber fabrics or felts. Here, a variety of special films from Infiana are used, which take on vital functions in the overall process from the impregnation of the fabrics/felts to their installation in the pipe.

In-mold labels and other films for technical markets

In-mold labels (IMLs) for long-life consumer goods. We supply special films as in-mold labels with or without embossing and produced by various methods. The requirements include UV resistance, surface quality, printability or coatability, and good durability.

Special films are used ...

  • For beverage crates and vegetable boxes, that include very durable consumer goods
  • As a beverage closure seal
  • IML films with a barrier function, e.g. for food in a novel packaging instead of tin

The term "in-mold labeling" is derived from the technology described: a pre-printed label made of Polypropylene (PP) or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is placed in a mold that already has the shape of the end product. The molten Label film is then injected into the mold, where the plastic fuses with the label and while curing, takes the shape of the mold. As a result, label and packaging become one.

In-mold labels are both moisture and temperature resistant, durable, and hygienic, and are therefore an excellent solution, e.g. for plastic packaging for frozen or refrigerated products. In addition, they are scratch-resistant, shrink proof, and tear-resistant.

Process liners for technical markets

Process liners are films that play an important part in the processing and development process of a product, but are not part of the end product.

Process liners are release liners and are used, for example, to protect an adhesive surface from a subsequent processing step. They therefore need to have very special release capabilities as a result of embossing or special film composition.

Process liners are required, for example ...

  • in the production of PVB for safety glasses
  • in the electronics industry for the manufacture of base laminates
  • in rubber and tire manufacture
  • in the manufacture of decorative laminates for furniture
  • in the graphics industry
  • in the adhesive tape industry

Infiana Process Liners have the following properties:

  • they can be used several times
  • they are cost efficient 
  • they have very precisely set release properties
  • they show a stable release force even at high release speeds

Embossed surface films for technical markets

Embossed surface films come in a variety of embossing designs and with specific demands on such aspects as surface quality, UV resistance, and tear resistance. They are an integral part of the end product for the consumer.

Embossed surface films are used in..

  • Industrial book lamination as a protective film 
  • Lamination for luxury packaging goods
  • Sealants for windows and doors, usually with additional foam filling
  • Manufacture of decorative laminates for furniture 
  • Rubber  and tire industry 
  • Safety glass industry  
  • And other applications


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Pressure Sensitives

The variety of technical applications served by Infiana films is almost boundless - we deliver customized solutions.



Consumers are in daily contact with them: Infiana specialty films for packaging fulfill customized functions and requirements for food, non-food and pet food applications.


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