Engineered films for the Personal Care market

In the area of Personal Care, our films look after consumers for an entire lifetime: from feminine hygiene products with individual packaging for sanitary napkins, panty liners and tampons to incontinence products and diapers. All materials used can be individually siliconized and printed, embossed according to your requirements.



Single wrap & siliconized single wrap film for sanitary napkins and panty liners

With its release films for sanitary napkins and panty liners, Infiana offers convenient and attractive solutions for daily hygiene. Convenient – because single wrap and siliconized single wrap films pack these products cleanly and safely. Attractive – because the diverse options for film embossing and printing enable us to obtain an individual appearance for your product.

Embossed films from Infiana for the Personal Care sector are ...

  • with a soft touch and discreetness 
  • pleasant in their application 
  • attractive with a matt look 
  • open to individual design, e.g. via printing or embossing with your logo and special design elements 
  • suitable for fast processing speeds 
  • biodegradable and thus good for the environment

The advantages of our films are ...

  • low basis weight 
  • high-quality, attractive look 
  • the variety of printing options 
  • color pigmenting options 
  • noise reduction through embossing
  • great efficiency in production 
  • partly siliconized with a synchronized back side print 
  • on request: fluorescent print marks for an "undisturbed" product design


Additionally Infiana offers innovative Solutions with

  • Premium silent opening function through Infiana´s latest Innovation Discreet+ and Cloth+ to Support our brand with a premium textile look and feel



Tampon wrapper – Discreet & Clean 

That’s definitely what customers expect from a tampon. But without the right packaging, both are impossible.

Infiana offers you customized solutions for applicator and non-applicator (digital) tampons. Different colored films and a wide range of printing options help to differentiate the final products right at first glance. An additional option is the use of renewable resources.

Infiana films for applicator tampons, are very soft films that can be opened in an extremely quiet and discreet manor. The tearing property of the multilayer film enables the user an easy opening of the product without the need of any perforation. We can also individualize your products by various color effects or embossing patterns such as your personal design or logo.

Our non-applicator (digital) tampon films feature an outstanding dead fold, very high rigidity, and low sealing temperatures. Our film equipped with an antistatic feature allows a very smooth processing on our customers lines. In addition the film does not cling to the consumer’s fingers when the tampon is opened.

All of our films have a very high water vapor barrier and are also available as high transparent versions.

Health Care

Our customers regard Infiana as the experienced supplier and development service provider to the health care industry.



Infiana's film solutions dramatically reshape the entirely of the composites production process. 



Consumers are in daily contact with them: Infiana specialty films for packaging fulfill customized functions and requirements for food, non-food and pet food applications.


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