Versatile, practical, and attractive: films for Pressure Sensitive Markets

The variety of technical applications served by Infiana is almost boundless - we deliver customized solutions. With regards to Pressure Sensitive Applications, we serve markets such as the graphics, tape and label industry as well as numerous tape converters and producers of self adhesive products and components.



Solutions for the graphics industry

From filmic liners for reflective signage to application tapes for the plotter market, our films are known for high Quality and consistence. Our constant aim is to offer the optimal liner solution.




Solutions for the tape industry

Infiana offers optimal release film to suit your specific requirement. For decades we serve engineered films with release coatings ranging from premium easy to extra tight release. Our extensive silicone systems and releas ranges are compatible with most adhesive formulations used in many fields of application. This degree of flexibility generated by the use of thermal cured solvent-less and solvent based silicones. The combination of both silicone types offers additional Advantages on release Performance as well as friction properties.



Solutions for the label industry

Wheter used as release film - or as face stock. We offer siliconized release films or top coated film with excellent printability. Release coatings for optical clear adhesives (i.e. no Label look) round up our product portfolio.


Extensive color range

Our in-depth film extrusion and converting process allows us to offer you a wide range of colors. Whether color coding of specific tape products - or branding (with and without printing) is required, we can offer you the color shade of your choice.  

Engineered films to suit your needs

If mechanical strength, thermal stability or stiffness of the film is concerned. Our R&D centre with a multi-layer blown film pilot extrusion line can adapt our films to your needs. Our team of highly trained and dedicated application specialists will work with you to meet your needs in view of your processing conditions as well as on your final product application.

- Your concern is our challenge -   

Our advantages for you

  • strong technical support and innovative product solutions 
  • good lay flat
  • good dimensional stability
  • embossed structures to avoid air entrapments
  • wide range of release coatings within defined release tolerances
  • consistent quality level
  • optimal silicone cure and anchorage
  • in-house manufacturing from engineered films to customized release liners

Other Industries

Infiana offers a wide variety of engineered and customized film solutions for applications like process liners, inmold labeling, drainage pipe refurbishment and more.



Consumers are in daily contact with them: Infiana specialty films for packaging fulfill customized functions and requirements for food, non-food and pet food applications.



Infiana's film solutions dramatically reshape the entirely of the composites production process. 


Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.