InIT - Get Digital or Die Trying

Infiana ranks among Germany’s most innovative businesses; in 2018, the specialty films manufacturer was once again recognized as one of the country’s TOP 100 innovators. But the company is also striking a new and different path in approaching the topic of “digital transformation.”


In this new blog series, Alexander Voggenauer, Group Director Digitalization & IT Operations at Infiana, describes this path and explains how this change will ultimately transform the organization.


Mr. Voggenauer, your role at Infiana is that of Director Digitalization & IT Operations. What does that entail? 

Alexander Voggenauer: Digitalization means not only approaching new topics, but making the existing process and IT landscape fit for purpose. This is the only way to ensure that initiatives find lasting success. 

This is why we have decided to combine the topic of “digitalization“ and IT operations into a single role. It’s my job to push this topic and its implementation on the IT front forward in the company. Implementation will be successful if the topic is treated as an overarching, cross-organizational task that’s supported from many quarters. But we’ll be exploring that in more detail. 


What made you so passionate about this topic?

AV: As a student, I was already building up a business that focused on providing internet-based services. 

Back then, the task was to professionalize and commercialize the internet. Most of the approaches were very much uncharted territory and inaccessible for many. I remember various discussions where my partners felt that there was no way the internet would ever catch on. 

The topic of digitalization has occupied and fascinated me since the start of my professional career. It’s amazing how many possibilities the net offers. We can communicate, exchange information in real time, and use all kinds of services from anywhere in the world. 

I’m fascinated by how quickly you can try out new ideas thanks to networking, and how rapidly they can develop. 

More information about Alexander can be found on his LinkedIn and Xing profiles. 

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