InIT - Get Digital or Die Trying

Infiana ranks among Germany’s most innovative businesses; in 2018, the specialty films manufacturer was once again recognized as one of the country’s TOP 100 innovators. But the company is also striking a new and different path in approaching the topic of “digital transformation.”


In this new blog series, Alexander Voggenauer, Group Director Digitalization & IT Operations at Infiana, describes this path and explains how this change will ultimately transform the organization.


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"Get digital or die trying" is the slogan on your LinkedIn profile. What do you mean by that?

Alexander Voggenauer: It’s impossible to get past the changes required by digitalization. The world is spinning faster and faster. It’s therefore absolutely essential to understand how important it is for businesses to adapt to this megatrend in a very rapid but sustainable fashion. Generating added value for your own customers is the main point here.

Businesses that won't adapt or can't adapt in a timely manner likely won't survive in the long term; that's a fact.

There’s a graphic from Deloitte that I like to use for this. It clearly shows that every industry will profit from digitalization sooner or later (the “fuse”) and that the impact (the “bang”) will be larger or smaller. Right now, you can still debate about where your own industry falls on this scale, but eventually everyone is going to be “hit.”

Consider how radically a digital service like Napster changed the media landscape: between 1999 and 2002, music industry revenues dropped by about 20 percent, which was a death knell for many labels. Similarly radical changes can be expected in all industries sooner rather than later. It won’t necessarily always be start-ups, but even a good digital service that’s implemented in the right place can lead to obvious market shifts.


At Infiana, digital transformation is anchored in the InIT initiative. How would you describe InIT?

AV: Beyond working harder on building up (IT) understanding in other departments, it’s important that IT systems are able to adapt in a timely, continuous, and flexible fashion. 

This requires many fundamental changes, some radical. Our InIT initiative provides the necessary basis for implementing this transformation in a rapid and controlled manner. 

More information about Alexander can be found on his LinkedIn and Xing profiles. 

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