Infiana IT - Get Digital or Die Trying

Infiana ranks among Germany’s most innovative businesses; in 2018, the specialty films manufacturer was once again recognized as one of the country’s TOP 100 innovators. But the company is also striking a new and different path in approaching the topic of “digital transformation.”


In this new blog series, Alexander Voggenauer, Group Director Digitalization & IT Operations at Infiana, describes this path and explains how this change will ultimately transform the organization.


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What does digitalization mean to you?

Alexander Voggenauer: “Digital transformation” is a term used in many contexts. Unfortunately, also often incorrectly. Having your HR department scan in their employee paperwork isn't enough. 

Creating a bitmap from an analog file doesn't replace the need to get involved with process optimization, and at the same time leverage new technological opportunities. Through additional functionality such as employee self-services, end-to-end efficiency can be significantly improved.  

"Digitalization" ultimately means nothing more than bringing information technology within a company up to speed with technological developments, and so further increase flexibility across the entire IT landscape, from process to system. Only with comprehensive transparency and agility can a modern business quickly react to future changes and remain competitive. 

Mechanisms must be created to recognize technologies ahead of time, assess their value, and quickly make them usable within the organization if warranted.


Our top goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers and, as an innovative business, find meaningful applications for digital opportunities faster than the competition does. We reach this by consistently transforming IT commodity services into software as a service (SaaS) while simultaneously investing in high-quality automation. We use already established standards from selected providers (the "Fast Follower" principle). 

By adopting a “Cloud First“ approach, we can focus more and more on topics that actually create (customer-facing) value. This frees up capacity in the medium term, as oversight of day-to-day business fades into the background. 

A robust foundation: "Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device" is our guiding principle. 

Here, the customer is central in our considerations. To orient ourselves, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How does the change help the customer?
  • What needs does it address?
  • How will the customer actually experience this added (digital) value?

In terms of concrete projects, we're beginning with the implementation of a "digital workplace" and "new work styles" -- backgrounds and implementation will be covered in future posts. 

More information about Alexander can be found on his LinkedIn and Xing profiles. 

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