Collaborate + Innovate


Collaborate + Innovate

Innovation through connection and understanding — Collaborate + Innovate is Infiana’s dedicated innovation approach. We believe the best innovation comes from building partnerships with our customers, to harness the collective experience and expertise of both our organisations. We build collaborative relationships, dedicated to understanding our partner’s needs, and delivering market defining success.

Keeping ahead of the competition

The look, feel, size, color, and even the sound of your products combine to create your customers’ experience. We understand the importance of identifying your customers’ needs and continually evolving new product innovations to keep you ahead of the competition. Our culture is one of innovation and breaking new ground in technical and design capabilities that empower market evolution.


Our innovations team

Among our team of professionals are doctors in materials science, chemists, print specialists, production engineers, and packaging designers, all with a wealth of experience. As part of our development program we employ talented individuals who bring the right tools with which to continue breaking new ground. The Collaborate and Innovate network includes universities and research institutes that we work with to create new technologies that reshape product possibilities.


A powerful resource

Our worldwide development and production facilities give us experience and expertise in every global market. Our product innovation resources include dedicated development laboratories, technical specialists, and a pilot production line used exclusively to explore new innovations and scale up production. We offer you a powerful resource to help achieve your next goal in product packaging.




Our comprehensive product range provides the appropriate film for any customer.



In the development and production of films, we provide solutions at the highest quality levels.


Research & Development

Infiana is the specialist for highly converted film products – from the initial design to the finished film.


Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.