Individual film design at the highest quality

In the development and production of films, we produce films using blown or cast extrusion process or high-quality SOPP films of simultaneous stretching on special equipment.

Your advantages:

  • Individual film design: Polypropylene films are our particular specialty. These films are characterized by excellent thermo-mechanical, optical, and haptic properties. This allows us to develop and produce very complex multilayer designs even for very unusual requests and requirements.
  • Great color variety: We can produce films in any color you need/require, e.g. a color from the Pantone system or in any other color you wish. Bicolored are also possible: Front and back of the film can be produced in different colors, say, to distinguish the functional side.
  • Any pattern can be printed. Your designs can be printed with maximum accuracy and precision according to your specifications. Our internal specialist will also produce the print design according to your details.

Design of the films and their surfaces

  • Coating: Films can be coated with our own silicone formulations or different coatings, e.g. for laser or thermal transfer printing in label applications 
  • Laminating: Many different materials can be laminated. The laminates are produced by the use of a film and a carrier material, e.g. paper or another filmic material.
  • Barrier properties: Films are designed as coextruded mulitlayer films, that provide barrier properties  against oils and fats, water vapor, oxygen, or other gases and against solvents or other chemicals, or encase them in the packaging.
  • Printing: Infiana can print the surfaces of many films with individual designs and patterns according to your individual design specifications.

Collaborate + Innovate

Collaborate + Innovate is Infiana’s dedicated innovation approach. We believe the best innovation comes from building partnerships with our customers.



Our comprehensive product range provides the appropriate film for any customer.


Research & Development

Infiana is the specialist for highly converted film products – from the initial design to the finished film.


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