Innovation through research & development

Infiana is the specialist for highly converted film products – from the initial design to the finished film. Our decades of experience, research, and new developments assist us here. These innovations allow us to always respond to the individual needs of the sectors that commission us and trust us.

Processing technologies such as siliconization, coating, laminating, varnishing, printing and embossing are all part of our program.

At our pilot plant, we can simulate many of your production processes. During simulation, the production parameters and subsequent use of your film can be tested under conditions that correspond exactly to yours locally.

To reproduce your production processes as precisely as possible, our experts work in close cooperation with your own specialists from the very first day. Thus the sequences are reproduced in the team as far as possible on a 1:1 basis, and the films are developed and thoroughly tested for maximum quality according to your needs.

For you this means a more than considerable reduction in your own development and adjustment costs. As this development takes place here – you don't need to carry out anything for yourself, as it would usually be the case.

And what's more important: you save time! When Infiana supply you with the films for the first time, the adjustment efforts that you would normally incur have already been largely carried out by us. Therefore you can commence production a lot more quickly than usually.

Collaborate + Innovate

Collaborate + Innovate is Infiana’s dedicated innovation approach. We believe the best innovation comes from building partnerships with our customers.



Our comprehensive product range provides the appropriate film for any customer.



In the development and production of films, we provide solutions at the highest quality levels.


Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.