Technology for the appropriate film

Our comprehensive product range provides the appropriate film for any customer. Within the framework of integrated production, we can offer you both the manufacturing and the converting of films and flexible materials. Our one and double-sided siliconized films have a variety of advantages: they release well, can be removed without leaving any residue, are very tear-resistant and extremely elastic, can be punched cleanly, and easily be printed.

At Infiana, technology is implemented in your interest. The highest quality standards and highly individual requests are not in opposition – we provide custom-made material. Once we have defined the production standard, it can be reproduced time after time in precisely the same quality. Our quality management department works to continually improve all the workflows. And that also means us working together with you to develop new solutions and materials if you wish – on time and exactly in line with your ideas.

Overview of the technologies

The following technologies and processes are used at Infiana.

Film manufacturing:

  • Blown film extrusion
  • Cast film extrusion
  • SOPP (simultaneous oriented PP film)


  • Printing
  • Siliconization (UV cured, solvent-free, solvent-based)
  • Lamination
  • Embossing


  • Rewinding
  • Sheeting
  • Perforation

Collaborate + Innovate

Collaborate + Innovate is Infiana’s dedicated innovation approach. We believe the best innovation comes from building partnerships with our customers.



In the development and production of films, we provide solutions at the highest quality levels.


Research & Development

Infiana is the specialist for highly converted film products – from the initial design to the finished film.


Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.