Infiana Presents Itself at North America’s Most Important Composites Trade Show

Infiana Presents Itself at North America’s Most Important Composites Trade Show

Specialty Films Manufacturer Exhibits Solutions for Improved Efficiency and Sustainability

May 10th, 2018

SAMPE 2018 (May 22nd – 23rd, 2018) is the most important meeting point for the North American composites industry. Infiana will be presenting itself to partners and customers from industry and finance at this event. The specialty films manufacturer can be found at Booth I30 in the Long Beach (California) Convention Center.

“We are looking forward to SAMPE 2018. The continuously growing North American market is a perfect venue to demonstrate our experience and competencies in film technology. In particular, companies from the aerospace, automotive, and wind sectors should look forward to our solutions,” said Markus Peske, Vice President Composites at Infiana.


Improved Efficiency and Sustainability

Along for the ride are Infiana’s offerings for process optimization and sustainability. “These topics are particularly critical in the composites market. With our paper replacement and FlexPLAS® products, we’re offering a new direction for the industry. These two innovative technologies allow definite optimizations in the manufacture of composite parts and semi-finished goods,“ explains Markus Peske, Vice President Composites at Infiana.


Release Films Replace Siliconized Paper

By offering film products that can replace paper in prepreg production, Infiana creates substantial manufacturing optimizations. This is of particular benefit for customers with expansive and intensive production processes, such as in the aerospace and wind industries. “The big plus of using films as opposed to paper lies in their high resistance to tear propagation and insensitivity to moisture,” reports Dr. Christian Hermann, Application Technology Director at Infiana. “This reduces the risk of a web break and improves surface quality in the resulting prepreg.”


Paper Replacement, the ”Two-in-One“ Solution

Infiana’s film solution can not only replace siliconized paper, but also the PE release films that are often spooled in during manufacturing and accompany the prepreg throughout the entire manufacturing process. This makes Infiana’s paper replacement films a true “two-in-one” solution.

Another benefit: thanks to the film’s smooth and even structure, it is possible to use lower resin coating weights in applications such as lightweight composite manufacture. In addition, the use of film reduces the amount of cleaning required, as there is no longer a need to remove paper dust after processing. This can result in process cost reductions of up to 25 percent.


Further Application Possibilities for FlexPLAS®

Visitors can also look forward to FlexPLAS®. This technology, developed in cooperation with the R&D partner Fraunhofer IFAM, Bremen and Stade/Germany, has seen further development in the past months, resulting in new application opportunities that Infiana will be presenting at SAMPE 2018. “Through close cooperation with our customers via Infiana‘s Collaborate + Innovate program, we have the ability to adapt our production capabilities to their needs and challenges,“ reports Infiana Vice President Composites Markus Peske.



About the Infiana Group

The Infiana Group develops and produces engineered and innovative films for the consumer market and industry. The Group employs about 800 people at its three sites, located in Forchheim (Germany), Malvern (USA) and Samutsakorn (Thailand). Infiana serves the Personal Care (film products for packaging of hygiene items), Health Care (release films, process films and films for packaging), Building & Construction (release films and surface films), Composites (release films and process films), and Pressure Sensitive (silicone-coated release films) markets.


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