Infiana and Fraunhofer IFAM at JEC World 2018

Infiana and Fraunhofer IFAM at JEC World 2018

Research and Technology Partners Show Concepts for the Composites Industry

February 21st, 2018

Specialty films manufacturer Infiana and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM will jointly exhibit at JEC World 2018, the leading trade show for composites, at the CFK Valley community booth (H5A / E58). The event takes place from March 6th through 8th at the Paris Nord Villepinte Conference Center, France.


Further Developments in the FlexPLAS® Portfolio

In recent months, both partners have continued to intensively refine the FlexPLAS® technology and developed new application options. Now Infiana and Fraunhofer IFAM are looking forward to presenting these ideas at JEC World 2018. “By closely cooperating with customers via our Collaborate + Innovate program, we have been able to orient our production possibilities in a manner that’s specifically targeted towards customers‘ needs and challenges. These experiences have allowed us to further develop the FlexPLAS® technology, and we’re excited to discuss opportunities in areas like vacuum bagging with visitors at the JEC event,“ says Markus Peske, Vice President Composites at Infiana.


Presentation with Industry Partner AkzoNobel

Since mid-2017, Infiana has also been working together with an industry partner. The cooperation with coatings specialist AkzoNobel is particularly beneficial for businesses in the wind sector; the combination of lacquer and film results in substantial process improvements and optimizes the production of wind turbine blades. JEC World visitors can look forward to a joint presentation from Infiana and AkzoNobel on March 7th in Hall 6/Room 611 of the Conference Center. The presentation will be delivered as part of the JEC Conference session "Renewable Energies: Wind & Beyond".

Under the heading “The New Generation of Blade Production“, both partners will demonstrate the advantages of their combined industry experience and report on application and process opportunities. “With AkzoNobel – Performance Coatings, we are joined by the leading industry partner in the field of wind coatings. Together, we can bring the quality of turbine blade surfaces to a new level, save process times and play a large part in improving workplace safety and environmental protection,“ explains Soheila Salehi-Schneider, Project Leader FlexPLAS® at Infiana.



About the FlexPLAS® Release Film Technology

The innovative FlexPLAS® release film technology makes it possible to produce composite parts without liquid release agents. With an elongation of up to 300 %, the film can be applied to molds like a second skin. Both the mold and the component remain residue-free after curing; time-intensive cleaning and activation steps are no longer necessary, and the end product is immediately ready to paint and ready to bond. This substantially reduces corresponding process times and creates cost savings. FlexPLAS® contributes to both environmental and workplace safety. The release film can be used in all relevant composite industries, including the aerospace, wind energy, automotive, and medical markets.


About the Infiana Group

The Infiana Group develops and produces engineered and innovative films for the consumer market and industry. The Group employs about 800 people at its three sites, located in Forchheim (Germany), Malvern (USA) and Samutsakorn (Thailand). Infiana serves the Personal Care (film products for packaging of hygiene items), Health Care (release films, process films and films for packaging), Building & Construction (release films and surface films), Composites (release films and process films), and Pressure Sensitive (silicone-coated release films) markets.


About Fraunhofer IFAM

Fraunhofer IFAM is one of Europe‘s most important independent research centers for “shaping and functional materials” as well as “adhesive bonding technology and surfaces”. At the core of this are research and development activities whose goal it is to deliver reliable and application-oriented solutions. To make this a reality, over 600 highly qualified employees currently collaborate on research topics and projects. More details can be found at


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