“Beyond the Basics” – Infiana Presents Trend Expert Pricie Hanna on April 4th at the Starling Hotel in Geneva

“Beyond the Basics” – Infiana Presents Trend Expert Pricie Hanna on April 4th at the Starling Hotel in Geneva

Specialty films producer offers insights into the hygiene film marketplace

March 9th, 2017 

In collaboration with Pricie Hanna, one of the best-known and recognized experts in the nonwovens field, Infiana is blazing a new trail. In her presentation,”Beyond the Basics: Future Personal Care Product Trends in Discretion, Aesthetic Appeal and Sustainability“, she will illuminate the current state of the hygiene films industry and report on opportunities and growth markets. “With Pricie Hanna, we have secured a true expert in the field. Her expertise and wealth of experience gives her unparalleled knowledge of industry topics and allows her to effectively report on future trend indicators,“ says Michael Pirner, Vice President of Personal Care at Infiana. With this event, Infiana offers the entire nonwovens industry an opportunity to gain comprehensive, intensive insights into the future and trends of the trade – a combination offered here for the very first time.


Advance Registration Required

The event will be taking place on April 4th, 2017 at 11 AM in the Doha Room of the Starling Hotel in Geneva. The event venue is located only a few minutes’ walking distance from the Palexpo Convention Center. As Infiana can only offer a limited number of seats, interested parties must register in advance. All necessary information can be found on the official event page. 


Nonwovens Specialist Hanna: In the Business for Over 40 Years

Pricie Hanna is regarded as an iconic presence in the hygiene market, and is the founder of Price Hanna Consultants, a company specializing in nonwovens and absorbent hygiene products. Hanna is a sought-after expert for end product trends and technical demands for raw materials such as resins, fibers, films, fluff pulp, superabsorbents, and adhesives. In addition, she is a frequent and well-regarded guest speaker and author of numerous publications concerning the global market for hygiene products. “I look forward to many interesting conversations and exchanges with market insiders and experts. With its expertise and innovative film solutions, Infiana is the perfect partner for presenting my ideas and analyses for the personal care market,” notes Ms. Hanna. Over the course of her professional career, Pricie Hanna was also active at businesses such as John R. Starr, the Scott Nonwovens Division of the Scott Paper Company, and Citibank.



About the Infiana Group

The Infiana Group develops and produces engineered and innovative films for the consumer market and industry. The Group employs about 800 people at its three sites, located in Forchheim (Germany), Malvern (USA) and Samutsakorn (Thailand). Infiana serves the Personal Care (film products for packaging of hygiene items), Health Care (release films, process films and films for packaging), Building & Construction (release films and surface films), Composites (release films and process films), and Pressure Sensitive (silicone-coated release films) markets. In 2016, the Infiana Group generated a turnover of 200 million euros.


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