Infiana Goes Electric

Infiana Goes Electric

Specialty Film Manufacturer Organizes E-Mobility Weeks

October 9th, 2017

An innovative initiative from an innovative business: in the past two weeks, employees of the film manufacturer were given an opportunity to see how their daily working lives would change with the addition of an electric vehicle. In cooperation with representatives from BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen, the Feser-Biemann dealership, and leasing specialists Raffeisen Impuls, participants got the chance to test drive five different models.

“At Infiana, the term ‘innovation‘ is anchored in our company name. However, for us innovation is more than just a buzzword. The goal of our E-Mobility Weeks is to offer our colleagues the chance to ‘create their own experience with electric vehicles,’” notes Joachim Czulczio, responsible among other things for Infiana’s vehicle fleet.


Infiana’s Vehicles Cover Over 800,000 Kilometers a Year

Infiana’s fleet consists of 35 vehicles in total and covers over 800,000 kilometers a year – a distance equal to 20 times the circumference of the Earth. "Through our E-Mobility Weeks, we want to give employees the chance to become familiar with a topic that’s increasingly moving to the forefront – not just with e-vehicles as a product, but also with subjects like vehicle range, automated billing systems, and tax rebate options for electric company vehicles,” says Peter K. Wahsner, CEO of Infiana.


Potential for Future Iterations

A strategy that’s paying off: following the test drives, several employees have started planning a changeover to electric cars. Joachim Czulczio has already begun thinking about the next round of E-Mobility Weeks: “Though the effort required for planning and execution is relatively high and implementation is not possible without support from external partners, we would like to repeat this event once vehicle manufacturers have further expanded their model options on the e-vehicle side.“


Multiple Awards in Recent Months

Infiana’s innovation culture has been honored repeatedly in recent months. The specialty film manufacturer was recognized by compamedia as one of Germany’s TOP 100 most innovative small and medium enterprises in 2017, and received the Marcum Innovator Award in the US.


About the Infiana Group

The Infiana Group develops and produces engineered and innovative films for the consumer market and industry. The Group employs about 800 people at its three sites, located in Forchheim (Germany), Malvern (USA) and Samutsakorn (Thailand). Infiana serves the Personal Care (film products for packaging of hygiene items), Health Care (release films, process films and films for packaging), Building & Construction (release films and surface films), Composites (release films and process films), and Pressure Sensitive (silicone-coated release films) markets. In 2016, the Infiana Group generated a turnover of 200 million euros.


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