Infiana signed a cooperation agreement in China

23 June 2016 

Infiana Group, the films solution specialist headquartered in Forchheim, Germany, has signed a cooperation agreement with Golden Umbrella Waterproofing (Guangxi Golden Umbrella Waterproofing Co. Ltd.) in the course of the 8th Sino-German Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation in Beijing on June 13th.

The cooperation agreement provides the basis for a long-term and strategic partnership between the two companies. Its objective is the joint development of products for the Construction and Waterproofing Industry. Infiana is thus taking a next step in implementing its global premium brand strategy. The expert for specialty films is consequently focusing on the needs of end users in the Chinese market, and on the satisfaction of its customers' demands with regard to premium quality and customized products."With this agreement, we are determined to use our technology and expertise to support Golden Umbrella Waterproofing to become a leader in the field of waterproofing systems in China," states Peter K. Wahsner, CEO Infiana Group, after the signing. The cooperation with Infiana enhances the possibility for Golden Umbrella Waterproofing to penetrate the premium sector especially for mechanical,highly tear-resistant surface films for cold self-adhesive bitumen membrane applications.

A total of 24 agreements were signed at the 8th Sino-German Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation in Beijing, among them economic agreements worth €2.73bn. Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed in her speech that the partnerships which have been formed are related to technological progress and technological innovation. The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also participated in the forum.



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