Infiana and Fraunhofer IFAM exhibit at JEC World

24 February 2016

Expanded FlexPLAS release film portfolio will be presented 

The successful partnership between the Infiana Group and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) in developing and marketing the  FlexPLAS® release film is continuing to expand. The partners will present the latest product versions of their plasma-coated release films at JEC World, the most visited exhibition for composites, set to take place in Paris, France, from 8 to 10 March. The team – consisting of 13 people – will be present at the exhibition to introduce its various product options to clients and the public at the CFK Valley booth (H5/D62). Dr. Gregor Graßl, the  FlexPLAS® project leader at Fraunhofer IFAM, stated: “We are not only looking forward to the JEC, but even more so to us cooperating with the film experts of Infiana in the coming years.  FlexPLAS® offers a great basis for the joint development of new and innovative solutions for different applications.”

 FlexPLAS® release film optimizes the manufacture of plastic parts, in particular lightweight structures out of fiber-reinforced plastics in, for example, the manufacture of aircraft, rotor blades for wind turbines or components for the automotive industry. Manufacturers that use this film may save up to 60% of the time usually required for the manufacturing process. The film acts as a second skin and components can be simply and easily detached from their respective molds without using other release agents. No fluorine, wax or silicone-containing residues are left on the finished parts or molds that can take extensive time and effort to be removed. This saves a great deal of time and money in production. Using FlexPLAS release film is also environmentally friendly due to the fact that solvents are no longer required and because it is made of recyclable material.

In the past year, the two project partners, Infiana and Fraunhofer IFAM, have made great strides with the further development and expansion of the FlexPLAS release film family. “We are now able to offer our clients this film in several versions,” FlexPLAS project leader at Infiana, Soheila Salehi-Schneider explains. For instance,  FlexPLAS® (Rigid Glossy) can also be used for flat, even components that are intended to have aglossy surface. Salehi-Schneider: “For example, it is used for the production of lightweight cabin items in aircraft interiors, for refrigerating units in the transportation industry or for X-ray tables.” The expanded product portfolio now offers the conventional FlexPLAS FM version (Flexible Matte) with different levels of the surface roughness that can be adapted to customer requirements. Another new item is the structured FlexPLAS FS (Flexible Structured) version, which possesses elasticity up to 300 percent and is available in different surface designs – offering both esthetic and functional benefits.

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