Awards: Infiana is a TOP innovator

27 June 2016

Infiana belongs to the German innovator elite.

In the course of the award ceremony for TOP 100 that was held in Essen on 24 June 2016 and presented by the TV journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, Peter K. Wahsner and Dr. Ingrid Sebald from Infiana accepted the award on their company’s behalf. "We are very pleased that our integrated approach of involving customers at an early stage of the development process and thus fostering genuine development partnerships, has been recognized by the world of economics”, states Peter K. Wahsner, CEO Infiana Group. The TOP 100 award makes it clear that Infiana is one of the pioneers in its industry, generating new ideas and developing innovative products.

After a demanding, research-based selection process, Infiana prevailed over 4,000companies that were interested in participating in the TOP 100 this year. 284companies made it into the final round, and thanks to its disruptive technologies and“Collaborate+Innovate” business model, Infiana prevailed in the categories“Innovation-friendly Top Management”, “Innovation Climate”, “Innovative Processes and Organization”, “Innovation Marketing / External Orientation” and “InnovationSuccess”. Infiana scored especially high in the Innovation Marketing category. The new business model of the global specialty films expert is implemented consistently.For example, handcrafted books were created to visualize the properties of embossed surfaces, along with photos from everyday life. Because of this, the sales approach has reached a new emotional stage and is successfully reaching new target groups.

The Infiana innovation team - consisting of 25 people - also conducts research either online, in print media and at trade fairs and congresses on the trends of tomorrow and shares its findings with established research institutions and start-ups.

The science journalist and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar is the mentor of this event. In Essen, he honored the TOP 100 award winners and was impressed by the quality these companies showcased. It is his hope that this has a ripple effect for other companies: “The way the TOP 100 generate new ideas and develop them into groundbreaking products and services is remarkable in the truest sense of the word.” The TOP 100 awards in Essen were presented for the 23rd time to the most innovative companies in the German SME sector. The scientific leadership of the award was provided by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The TOP 100 award winners are among the pioneers of their industries. On average, 40% of their turnover is generated by introducing innovations and product improvements ahead of their competitors. Thanks to this kind of performance, their turnover growth was 28% above the applicable industry average.

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