Embossed films reveal the correct profile

It is embossing that gives films the correct profile. We offer a variety of embossing options, so you get just the right film for your application.

Special functionality

There are a variety of ways to improve the functionality of a film by embossing. You can, for example, either raise or lower the release properties of a release liner through certain embossing structures.

Or you can influence the surface properties by using embossing, for example for a soft feel or special functionalities.


Embossing the surfaces

  • Visual embossing, e.g. to improve a film with your logo, a symbol or an image, or with matt effects.
  • Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical embossing: Embossing allows different structures to be worked and set into the film.If the film is provided with an adhesive adhesive or other additive, the embossing structure enables us to control how strongly the film adheres and where. In addition, the embossing structures can be incorporated in, for example, your adhesive or coating.

To take one example: the embossing of sand structures. For films that are to be printed manually, e.g. in building or vehicle construction, the embossing of sand structures is recommended. This prevents fingerprints from becoming visible subsequently.

  • Crepe embossing to obtain greater elasticity of the film
  • Haptics of the film to create especially sensitive impressions. This is used in particular with hygiene applications to create a soft, supple impression and also to reduce the noise in the end application.

Various applications of embossed films

  • Building & Construction industry
  • Graphics industry
  • Personal Care industry
  • Technical applications
  • Adhesive application

... and in many other markets.


Base Films

Films from Infiana have been developed to meet the highest demands and are individually manufactured to suit your specific needs.


Siliconized Films

The release properties of siliconized films allow them to be individually developed according to customer and market needs.


Printed Films

We can print your films individually according to your ideas and strictly according to your artwork.


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