Printed films - Increasing perceived customer value

Infiana boasts unparalleled experience and expertise in the design and printing of film substrates. Our extensive knowledge, pioneering capability, and wide range of printing techniques gives our customers the tools to explore new ideas and expand product properties. Using flexoprinting and coating techniques we are able to achieve superior results in the printing of thinner gauge elastic materials like PE films, while reducing the use of inks and silicone, enhancing eco credentials, and delivering faster production times.

We advise you all the way

As professional printers we guide you through the print process every step of the way. Our pre-press consultancy considers all the elements, such as color separation and registration, to ensure every aspect is considered from preparation to print and delivery. We don’t expect our customers to be experts, we take that responsibility for you.


The variety of your printing options at Infiana

  • More exact fitting print
  • Reverse printing
  • Printability of biodegradable materials 
  • Random printing to logo printing
  • Printing under silicone
  • UV resistance
  • Full-surface coating to complement certain functions
  • Pearl effect, as a special metallic effect
  • Embossing coatings

Printing processes

  • Flexo printing up to 8 colors
  • Gravure printing up to 9 colors
  • Fluorescent printing

Fluorescent printing

With the fluorescent printing process developed by Infiana, your films will glow either completely or partially in the dark under white light radiation. This process used at Infiana offers a great number of possibilities:

  • The placing of plot marks, e.g. with labels and packaging that is recognized by machines but is not visible to the naked eye and thus does not spoil the design
  • For marketing and design: to produce very attractive effects with a high recognition value, creating real "highlights"
  • To increase product safety and label your product in an unmistakable way

Full-surface coating

This allows special functions to be supplemented through the coating:

  • Seal coating
  • Topcoat for writability
  • Nitrocellulose (NC) coating
  • Heat protection coating
  • Metallic coatings to produce the special pearl effect
  • Embossing coatings to create special haptic (i.e. feel-related) structures by means of three-dimensionality.

Coating does not alter the mechanical properties at all.


Base Films

Films from Infiana have been developed to meet the highest demands and are individually manufactured to suit your specific needs.


Siliconized Films

The release properties of siliconized films allow them to be individually developed according to customer and market needs.


Embossed Films

It is embossing that gives films the correct profile. We offer a variety of embossing options to provide the right solution for each application.


Excellence in engineered film solutions, service and innovation.