Siliconized films with individually adjustable release properties

Siliconized films can be developed individually with their release properties according to your needs.

Whether single or double-sided, full-surface or partially siliconized, or coated with silicone systems that are either thermally (solvent-based or solvent-free) or UV-cured – at Infiana you will find the right solution.

Properties - individually and partially adjustable

The release capabilities of siliconized films result from the interaction of the adhesive and silicone surface.

The chart shows this function, depending on adhesive and release property.


Development of siliconized films for your requirements

At the Infiana pilot plant, we have the facilities for tailoring the properties of the siliconized films individually to your needs. Under live conditions we simulate your production processes and thus develop your optimum film profile. The result: the films can be used on the spot to the best possible advantage, thus saving you internal development time and costs.


Variety of siliconized films from Infiana

There are siliconized films at Infiana in a variety of complex designs, with very individual property profiles to meet your requirements.

  • Antistatic siliconized films
  • Embossed siliconized films
  • Partial siliconized films with synchronized back side printing
  • Color siliconized films

Applications in your market

Siliconized films from Infiana can be used in almost any market. Here you see several examples of the use of siliconized films:

  • Siliconized films in the automotive industry
  • Siliconized films in the Building & Construction industry
  • Siliconized films in health care applications
  • Siliconized films for adhesive tapes

Base Films

Films from Infiana have been developed to meet the highest demands and are individually manufactured to suit your specific needs.


Embossed Films

It is embossing that gives films the correct profile. We offer a variety of embossing options to provide the right solution for each application.


Printed Films

We can print your films individually according to your ideas and strictly according to your artwork.


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